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The Metro, Ikea, and Other Population Surprises

June 2, 2011

Sorry for the delay on posting (and worrying my mother).  Despite the cosmopolitan and technologically advanced ways of the shangainese, they still have limited and slow internet access!

On Tuesday, I conquered my first day of work. More importantly, I conquered the rush hour metro commute.  I was shoved with the flow of people shoulder to shoulder to  the platform for my train, but just when I thought it was over, the sliding doors opened to reveal a literal wall of people. the people entering the train shoved their way through the cracks as fast as they could before the doors closed. I followed the crowd and found myself sandwiched between an old couple who barely graced five feet. I was trying to be apologetic as the shouted to each other from behind me while simultaneously holding onto my arms and shoulders to remain steady.

Entering the office of CBi was kind of like walking into a spa, especially after the hectic beginning to my morning.  As a design consulting firm, you can say CBi put a lot of planning into the interior design of the office.  It boasts clean group tables, an outdoor patio, lots of paintings and plants, and natural light.  I felt immediately at home as I was introduced to the small graphic design and marketing staff.  They are all extremely friendly and interested in showing me around Shanghai.

My main job as an intern is working on the Most Successful Design Award Event to be held in October.  The event is an awards ceremony in which independent designers from multiple fields ranging from fashion, landscape, interior, and consumer design to submit their products to be judged by a jury of influential people from each field.  The past two days I have been working on tracking down potential jury candidates and inviting them to join the event.

In other news, I went to the Shanghai Ikea yesterday to pick up some much needed bedding (I still didn’t have a pillow until yesterday).  No amount of years braving the black friday sales at thanksgiving could have prepared me for the crowded ikea.  In fact, in order to manage the flow of traffic, ikea has installed arrows on the ground that prohibits you from moving against the grain.  In a stroke of marketing genius, the arrows force you to circle the entire store before allowing you to check out your items.

My apartment is fantastic.  I live with an incredibly fun group of people who hail from across the globe.  Did I mention the best part? Back in January my friend Meg Mentioned her sister, Logan,  lived in Shanghai teaching English.  I talked to Logan via email a few times and planned on calling her once I had settled down.  But when I picked up my key for the apartment the other day, I found out Logan lived in the apartment across the hall. The phrase “small world” doesn’t do the coincidence justice.

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  1. Caro permalink
    June 2, 2011 1:52 am

    OMG, 你有太好玩儿了。 那ikea你说我们很可怕! 我要听多了!现在我是babysitting。今天我们有一个“senior prank”。 太好玩儿了。今天是太晴天了。你的天气好不好?我想你了。再见!

  2. Jeff permalink
    June 2, 2011 2:44 am

    Tel the designers about She can. Hook them up with American independent boutiques and they can sell their stuff here!

  3. Lisa permalink
    June 2, 2011 3:07 am

    so cool! Are the designers limited to chinese designers or is it open to anyone? Video of the wall of people please! Shanghai is 10X the size of Chi-town….boggles the mind. I see Caro is showing off her mad chinese skills

  4. jeanne cummings permalink
    June 2, 2011 12:56 pm

    Always a big question for me – how’s the food?
    Does your apartment have air conditioning?

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