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I will only be your facebook friend if you tweet about it later.

June 10, 2011

I’ll admit, I was just as confused as the next person as to how I got hired as an intern at a Chinese Design Strategy firm in Shanghai. Lets look at the facts: I am a history major, with an uncompleted undergrad, limited command of the chinese language, no meaningful previous job experience, and wasn’t totally sure what design strategy was until I showed up on my first day.

But today, I was given the lead position on a project because I posessed not only the vision, but the extensive experience necessary to pull it off. Lets just say the company was very wise to put the american college girl in charge of their social networking for their annual design awards. There are some skills you can’t put on a resume, but should. Below you will find my social networking resume:

1. I first became a member of facebook in 2004. I was in eighth grade, terribly concerned about self image and entering high school.(see my first profile picture below) My parents thought facebook was a bad idea, they had their reasons. I didn’t care, in fact, I became obsessed. Malcolm Gladwell states in his book “The Outliers” that a person needs approximately 10,000 hours of practicing one activity in order to become an expert.   For arguement’s sake lets say that at the beginning of my facebook usage I was banking 2 hours throughout the day. That puts me a 5,110 hours by my first year. Add a few extra hours during finals periods and you have yourself a facebook expert. several times over.  You can view some of my earlier work in my creative administration of groups such as “tuvalu:the sinking island” circa 2005.

2. Twitter. Its a newer addition to my social networking repertoire, but a meaningful one all the same. I joined Twitter in April of 2011. Since then I have tweeted over 100 times, gathered over fifty followers and uploaded more twitpics than I care to remember. Twitter is to Davidson as texting is to normal people. Davidson kids constantly tweet weird pictures, even weirder situations the find themselves in, and most importantly, when and where people are hanging out. (yes, that is a shout out to Robby Spalding).  Twitter has helped me to understand how to create an online community, a conversation, or a viral image that can be incredibly useful in marketing and recruitment of our design awards.

3. Blogging. Yes, in fact I am having too much fun with this blog. Yes I do want to start and manage another one….as my job.

So despite my lack of knowledge of concept cars, user experience, or graphic design, I have an indisposable knowledge of the electronic communication and networking world that doesn’t exist in China. *important to note if you are a jobless history major reading this.

My first act as self proclaimed Mark Zuckerburg is to blog about what my new job is. check.

this is the current status of China Bridge’s online activity and influence.

Facebook:3 followers

Twitter:4 Followers

LinkedIn: 1 follower

Blog:not yet created

despite its previous unsuccess, I have big dreams for China Bridges’s social networking influence. I met with our CEO today about possible changes we can make. I emphasized that our design awards needs to become a cool brand with cool people that do things that other people want to know about. Obviously, we already have the cool part  going for us. But I propose that we get the word out through twitpics around the office about what we are doing.  Going to retail boutiques, art galleries, and cafes talking to the people there about design and posting those interviews to facebook and twitter. our ceo needs to be tweeting all the time. or I am happy to do it for her. I just love tweeting.

Yesterday, I talked about chinese slang. Right now…office conversation is a flurry with words like hashtag, twitpic, and mupload. the tide begins to change…


facebook stalking never seemed so productive.

if you want to see what I will be doing with the fbpage or want to follow my design tweets…or know of anyone who would want to follow or submit a design of their own (must be on the chinese market). by all means TWEET AT ME

twitter: DesignSuccess1

Fbpage: China’s Most Successful Design Awards

#seeyaincyberspace #China

My First Profile Picture

How I wanted the world to see me in the 8th grade

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  1. Lisa permalink
    June 10, 2011 11:38 am

    LinkedIn is going to be really helpful! Search for design groups and then join them. You can join the discussions. Remember that social media is not about shouting at your customers, but giving them good info they can use in their business. China bridge can set uhp it’s own linkedIn group too.

    Dad is gonna love this!

  2. Aunt kari permalink
    June 10, 2011 11:57 pm

    I’m so happy for you! It’s awesome that you are enjoying your work! It’s a great job–u get to have oodles of fun and help out a company! The best of all worlds! Enjoy!

  3. June 12, 2011 1:12 pm

    Finding the whole social media thing requires a lot of strategic thinking. You have to fish where the fish are. You have to also think about it in terms of “listening”. You want to find out info from your customers, then tailor your product to their needs.

    Too many businesses think its a megaphone or billboard.

    That being said, you look the same (HA)

  4. Neena permalink
    June 12, 2011 4:41 pm

    LOVE, LOVE, LOVE YOUR BLOG and congrats on your new position! You are a VERY interesting writer. I can hardly wait from day to day to read what’s going on with you. I’m printing out your blogs and sending them to Bumpa. Even tho he hasn’t a clue about social networking, he will enjoy learning more about your exciting experiences in China. YOU GO GIRL!

  5. Caro permalink
    June 15, 2011 2:57 pm

    If I could like a post it would be Neena’s.

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