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In search of the Shanghai Court Party

June 16, 2011

Davidson is small. Its nightlife offerings are even smaller. Quite literally,  there is one main road with a rundown bar a half mile away notorious for its involvement with the KKK. These bleak circumstances have forced Davidson kids to get creative.

And so I give you: The Court Party.

To the casual observer it just appears to be a mosh pit of sweaty drunk college kids dancing on tables to Lady Gaga. But there is so much more hidden underneath its crass surface. Call me uncultured, but I love the court party. I love walking onto a blacklit dancefloor and dancing with my friends. I live for the awkward interactions, the inevitable beer that spills on your carefully planned outfit, the dance floor makeouts, and seeing that weird kid from your math class get his grind on.

but this is not a blog about the Davidson’s exciting nightlife, there is Facebook for that.

This is about how I have really been missing Davidson Court parties in China. I can live without burgers, clean air and legitimate traffic laws, but the lack of Court Party, this needed to change. I tried the pretentious bar scene, the grundgy dive, and also the very european techno bar.  but I had yet to find a place in Shanghai where there is a large, dark, crowded dance floor where usher, rihanna, and beyonce are played on a loop.

that is, until ladies night. Ladies night has proven to be a night full of surprises. As it turns out, when women are offered free drinks, it causes a bit of a frenzy among the Shanghai male population, making Wednesday a big going out night in Shanghai. At Davidson Wednesday nights are also big. However, on a Shanghai Wednesday,  I could not rely on Kappa sig basement for a party and KA for a dance floor.

Ladies night started out pretty typically (at a loud bar playing dice) but we decided to check out another bar close by called Zapatas after hearing that it got pretty packed on Wednesdays.

I give you the court party of Shanghai. Our tip failed to inform us that Zapatas was shanghai’s hidden court party complete with people dancing on the tables, a mosh pit dance floor, and was probably serving cheap beer. Chelsea Dagger was blaring from the speakers, so I made my first stop the dance floor.  After a few songs, I realized that underneath the surface of zapatas existed an identical culture to the Davidson court party. Just a few similarities:

1. if a girl tells a guy she will be right back but she is going to the bathroom. I can almost guarantee that he will not be seeing her again. This excuse is used liberally in both places.

2. It is important not to go beyond the three song limit with a dance partner….failure to do so will result in a very awkward interaction, and subsequent bathroom run excuse.

So I did indeed find my court party, and luckily I possess knowledge of all the strange social practices to successfully navigate the dance floor.

In Interning news….

I interviewed a prominent Shanghai DJ about his design concept fashion boutique/cafe yesterday. I posted the interview on my company’s awards blog ( The street its on is Julu Road, and it is packed with artists, local designers, and cafes. If I was cool enough to live in Shanghai, it would definitely be there….and I think it might be within walking distance to Zapatas.

5 Comments leave one →
  1. Caro permalink
    June 16, 2011 2:22 pm

    Court Parties are the best parties out there.

  2. Caro permalink
    June 16, 2011 2:26 pm

    PS if you helped them set up that blog, its pretty sick.

  3. Anonymous permalink
    June 16, 2011 11:10 pm

    too bad you arent here. we have court parties in our rec room every other night!! I miss you and love readin g about your antics!!

  4. Clare Sanders permalink
    June 16, 2011 11:10 pm

    too bad you arent here. we have court parties in our rec room every other night!! I miss you and love readin g about your antics!!

  5. June 17, 2011 5:57 am

    @caro- duh i helped them set it up. I am the only one that updates it! #socialnetworkingexpert

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