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Codenames and Building 69

June 17, 2011

I never would have thought I would enjoy blogging so much. Perhaps it is a trait passed down from my father ( -just thought i would throw in a little endorsement-

but the point still stands, I really like retelling my stories on the blog, and thinking about what I should post. I pay closer attention to what is going on around me so that I can put it in the blog. Anyway, the blog has gained some traction amongst my new friends in Shanghai, and they think it is funny that I don’t ever write about them considering how much we hang out. I told them it is because I feel weird using their real names. So they offerred me a solution. codenames.

I have this friend, Puff Daddy. he was the one that suggested codenames due to his lack of presence in my blog. Like me, he is interning in Shanghai and lives in my apartment complex (affectionately called Building 69….but really, that is the address). The great thing about Puff Daddy is that he puts up with all of my big plans for nights out and touring the city on the weekend. If I ever need a friend to go to a late night club when no one else wants to go out, climb lupu bridge, or even go to “get swoll” at the gym  Puff Daddy is my go to. In nearly every adventure I have blogged about, he has usually been a part of the shenanigans right along with me. He also makes for a great wingman. Props to you Puff.

now that he has the satisfaction of a great codename and a blog post tribute…..he better pretend he doesnt have a cold and go out with all of us tonight!

Today at work, I attended a jewelry exhibition.  Literally blocks of carved jade and rows and rows of diamonds. the chinese love their bling. I took a few pictures on my phone, but have been unable to upload them, I’ll post them when I can. there was a gold crusted fountain with a disco ball inside…kind of a bizarre fusion of tastes! The exhibition was cool, but I am going to be honest, I am super stoked about tonight. Hot pot to start then out and about in the city!

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