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Ladies Night, Beijing, and Bad Tasting Pizza

July 7, 2011

Why do I even try pizza that isn’t Lou Malnati’s deep dish? There is no point. I will be disappointed. On top of that, its pizza in Shanghai. Shanghai might be an international mixing pot, but don’t expect the same quality of western food, or the same cheap prices. Last night, Elle, our friend Julie, and myself went for italian food before heading out for a night of free drinks and live bands. It was on the recommendation of Elle’s boss who is a food critic, so I felt okay spending sixty RMB on a personal pizza. Mistake. I was served melted cheese and tomatoes on toasted bread. I think the chinese should just stick to what they do best: chinese food. And I’ll stick to eating on the cheap.

My night could only get better…and indeed it did. Since I have now participated in several weeks of ladies nights, I feel justified in writing a brief guide to Ladies night bars:

Murel: spanish bar with live music.
Pros: free drinks off a select menu, cool atmosphere, not super crowded making drink accessibility pretty easy. last night…some guy set up shop giving ladies free manicures. no complaints there. Also the location is close to a lot of other great ladies night bars (hongshan jiu ba!)
Cons: for some reason half the free drink menu is made with bailey’s and creme. what is up with that? This is not morning in Ireland. And they are very adamant about only making drinks on that menu…they do not budge, unless you are Elle and you swipe your drink away from the bartender before he adds the ingredients you don’t want. Another con is that it doesn’t get crowded until later in the night. My recommendation: get there early for free drinks and move on!

Zapatas: mexican bar. free margaritas, beer and tequila
Pros: zapatas attracts a pretty wild crowd, and is famous for large amount of dancing on the bar that just gets more and more packed as the night goes on. It plays great music, and there is outdoor space!
Cons:Elle said that she has had a so so time both times she has been there. I on the other hand love it…but there are a ton of westerners there, so make sure you go somewhere else during the night!

Soho: funky chinese club
Pros: close to zapatas and other bars on hongshan lu. Its super chinese. The architect for this club must have been on some insane hallucinogens because entering soho sort of feels like you are entering some sort of futuristic (and innapropriate) care bear land. white cloud like structures are everywhere along with rainbow lights. also…sparkly door beads. everywhere. Whatever you do, don’t go to soho first. It will completely weird you out. But do go in time to take advantage of the 80 RMB open bar!
cons: To be honest, that whole tripping vibe the club gives off makes me feel dizzy. Also the Chinese either love you so much that they want to dance with you all night and even follow you to the bathroom, or they are pissed that westerners are in their club.
even so, soho might be one of the clubs where I have had the most fun.

Brown Sugar: free champagne
Pros: I had the best time with all the live music! The dance floor was fun, atmosphere was great. It is also pretty packed, don’t expect to have any great conversations with people, but do expect a fun time!
Cons: free champagne definitely has its drawbacks.

M2: no free drinks
it may not have any special ladies night offerings, but it is really fun for after hours, especially on wednesdays!

Last night I went to Murel and Brown Sugar with Elle and Julie. All in all a great night. Note puff daddy sat at home last night….I hope he realizes that he missed going out on the town with me entirely this week as he will be sitting alone while all of us are in beijing…

Speaking of Beijing, I am so excited! Its the cultural capital of China, And I am going with eight of my roommates. We are packing a lot into the 48 hours that we are there. I dont think I will be sleeping, small sacrifice for the fun that is about to take place in 24 hours.
I have been a bit of a passive traveler and I have let my roommates plan the majority of the itinerary, but this is what (I think) we are going to see in Beijing
The Great Wall
Tianamen Square (I promise I won’t protest)
Chairman Mao
Forbidden City
Temple of Heaven
the dirt market
…and a whole lot of restaurants and nightlife!

Every weekend in China seems better than the next! I unfortunately won’t be able to blog over the weekend. Not that I typically blog on the weekends, but if its any consolation, I am off doing cool things to make the blog more interesting!
….like BEIJING! (still not tired about talking about it)

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  1. Aunt Kari - the late one permalink
    July 18, 2011 4:28 pm

    In Norway, they put ketchup on their pizza. In India, I couldn’t even taste it. Italy’s had a really funny aftertaste. I’ve thrown away pizza in Michigan. I agree, Chicago is the only place in the world who actually knows how to do it. Or, we are just pizza snobs.

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