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Huangshan Bootcamp

July 13, 2011

I’ll admit

I might have a regular work out routine at college, but that habit just has not materialized in China. And so with a trip to Huangshan two weeks away, and a 6-7 hour climb up a mountain to look forward to, needless to say puff and I are a little intimidated. Ok. I am intimidated because I am no longer as toned as I used to be, and puff just wants to get in better cardiovascular shape for rugby season.

and so huangshan bootcamp has generated new motivation in the fitness arena of shanghai. Today after work, puff is going to show me how to not lift weights like a girl. (I actually haven’t asked him yet. hopefully he reads this before his work is over) and then we are going to head to the Jiaotong track to run interval sprints….I’ll pretend to be a good coach while he beats me. The fact that wednesday is a big night out will probably limit the overall benefit of our fitness enthusiasm, however..its is shanghai after all.

And to tell you the truth, I am looking even more forward to it than usual because it hasn’t been the best of shanghai days. While walking to work someone dumped something i pray to god was water out their window that landed more or less on me. Also, a man sold me an orange that turned out to be rotting from the inside. So frustrating, and slightly disgusting. But if thats all I have to complain about, then life isn’t tough, it’s just a little unhygienic.

Shanghai. Redeem yourself tonight.

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