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July 28, 2011

The words that we take as second nature.

I spent almost one hour and a half slogging through a politically based blog post with the jp morgan banker that I tutor. some of the words and phrases included:

“Bridging the gap, Mascot, The Grinch, Obamacare, ‘Economy in the dumper’,safety net, tea party, entitlement spending, ‘wrong side of the fence’, offset, albatross, fat cat, fiscal miser”

Leave it to Jeff Carter to combine albatross and fiscal miser into one article about the debt ceiling. (an excellent one at that).  Even though I have a pretty short patience when it comes to little kids, I love teaching.  Pardon the cliche, but I really do feel like I learn just as much as the people I teach.  In fact, the session finished, we sat around and talked about his past journalism career. (really interesting perspective fyi). But why do you think he quit? My first thought would have been that the government shut them down.  My  tutee, Daniel, explained that it was actually related to class. He said that the poor classes are the most knowledgeable class on foreign affairs in the chinese social class system.   This is due to their own government’s barring them from the chinese political system.  He quit writing because he wasn’t reaching anyone with any political clout.

In intern news (I know I haven’t been talking about it all that much). I interviewed two designers today, one in jewelry design and one in furniture design).  Well, I am sure you would like to hear all the technical details about what each designer said about their design philosophy and the future of the design industry in China….but for that I will refer you to my Design Awards blog at

Well, It isn’t one of my best posts, in fact, I even just got off a skype call with Connor Hubbard about how entrepreneurial gold rush was just not up to par and STILL I am opting to right a short, picture-less blog post that is essentially just a plug for my budding tutoring business and China’s Most Successful Design Awards. But my strategy is that the blog post due for this monday is going to blow your mind as much as my trip to Huangshan is due to blow mine….so standby. it’s 12 hours until Puff and I go to Pandora. Which is just an overly nerdy reference to Huangshan. (but really go google image Huangshan, its going to be awesome to camp out at the top)

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  1. Lisa permalink
    July 28, 2011 6:32 pm

    FYI. The awards blog is
    Love the interview! Did you interview Lafong? Love her jewelry.

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