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Over the China Bridge

August 2, 2011

I expect this is the kind of thing current baby boomers are looking forward to, retirement. The day that marks their last day of work has finally arrived and retirement is finally in their grasp.  They have worked to save up a hefty nest egg and the second they bust out of the office, they are trading that empty briefcase for a fishing rod and a Florida sunset. Or so the stereotype goes.

Its been a long (almost) three months here at China Bridge. And now it is time to pass my legacy down to the next bright young intern.  I am the old generation of social networking, it is time to start collecting my employee benefits, and make way for the next generation of CBi Mark Zuckerbergs.  I have saved quite a large nest egg in the past few months. In fact, I think I found a loophole because I didnt pay any tax on it. I call it “underbudgeting your student grant” It’s a great option if it is available, because I now have quite the chunk of change to spend visiting museums,indoor ski resorts, and other awesome Shanghai activities before putting my nose back on the grinder at Davidson College. Underbudgeting you student grant is also a great short term retirement option because you are not obligated to select any sort of healthcare coverage. I’m just saying.

Okay, I think my metaphor has finally run its course. And while I am looking forward to my ten free days of exploring Shanghai (ahem shopping for my family in Shanghai), there are some things I will really miss about my internship at China Bridge.

1. The people- I know thats what everyone says…but I have sincerely enjoyed working alongside and learning from my colleagues on the marketing team. I’ll especially miss teaching Yama her daily english slang lesson and blasting Billy Joel in the office.

2.the awesome snack bar in the back. CBi stocks a back kitchen full of the strangest chinese snacks, I have had the best time trying bites of: dried meat, seaweed flavored crackers and chips, shrimp flavored peanuts, and other equally bizarre things. In fact, they just restocked five minutes ago….they had coconut flavored oreos…rock my world.

3.The esspresso maker. It really cut down on my coffee budget.

4. friday wine tastings. What a perk it is to have the president of your company’s husband own a belgian beer bar right downstairs dropping CBi so I could meet cool people like designers and djs. It never got me a discount, but I did get a lot of business cards and a friendly conversation

6. Kangding Road. Its the street that CBi is on, and it still has a bunch of really old buildings and restaurants.  I always feel pleasantly out of my element when I walk down the street next to a shirtless man carrying a naked baby while a woman dumps her laundry water out the window. I know it sounds like I am being sarcastic…but it was kind of nice to see a less pristine street of Shanghai.  I can also get breakfast for 1 kuai. that is sixty cents.

I learned a lot here at China Bridge. I learned a lot about Chinese business culture, the design industry in Shanghai, my patience was tested for slow moving internet, and I can say that I am one of those lao wais who can brag about having chinese friends. I guess it adds a certain legitimacy to a foreigner’s sense of internationalism.  From time to time I will hear foreigners casually refer to “my chinese friend” when telling a story. I’m not saying I brag about it, I’m just saying that I have chinese friends, and that makes me infinitely cooler than a lao wai without chinese friends…

I also feel like I have made an impact at CBi.  I wasn’t kidding about my legacy.  I just gave my blogging responsibilities over to our new employee Danny, and I spent way too much time explaining to him the ins and outs of wordpress. Its because Danny is now responsible for carrying on the illustrious blog in which I have laid the foundation.  I hope that the blog continues to flourish and develop from the little sapling blog  that I started to a big Pocahantas style grandmother willow, and that CBi continues to use it as a fun creative platform.

So to you China Bridge, I bid you 再见。 It was a true pleasure and learning experience!

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  1. Aunt Kari - the late one permalink
    August 2, 2011 12:56 pm

    Glad you had a great time! Love the disney reference. Ah the memories of your childhood at root there!!

  2. Clements permalink
    August 3, 2011 2:17 pm

    Genevieve, I am so proud of you. I have no doubt that you have left this company with a “Pocohantas style grandmother willow.” Have fun painting with all the colors of the wind before you come back to the USA. I don’t know what I am going to do without Confused by Confucius. I start my morning with both Carter blogs!

  3. Jun Mo Lim permalink
    September 25, 2011 1:04 am

    I’m interested in CBi summer internship and have so many questions..
    I found this blog via google:)
    It would be great if you can help me out! is there other way to contact you
    personally? like email? please let me know!

    by the way my name is Jun (college student)

  4. September 25, 2011 1:05 am

    I’m interested in CBi summer internship and have so many questions..
    I found this blog via google:)
    It would be great if you can help me out! is there other way to contact you
    personally? like email? please let me know!

    by the way my name is Jun (college student)

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