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Qipu Lu

August 3, 2011

…Or perhaps more accurately termed cheap street. Qipu lu clothing market contains is essentially a giant and perpetual black friday sale.  It is where most local shanghainese purchase accessories, clothing, and shoes. It is in fact where I am headed today! I have learned for the sake of my own self preservation, that shopping excursions like these really require a list. Otherwise, the thrill of a sale really gets the better of me, and I walk out of stores with multiple bags not because the clothes were especially trendy or attractive, but because of my conviction that I was the one that got them at a better price than anyone else. In terms of my list? Well, I am certainly looking forward to finding a few hilariously worded tshirts in english, preferrably bordering on slightly innapropriate. I also hope to buy a few new pairs of shoes, and a dress. My goal is to spend fifteen dollars.

I love China.

And so begins my two weeks of happy retirement… Besides Qipu road, I also need to run to the fabric market at the fake market. And somewhere in between I am trying to convince a few other unemployed members of my building to go to the indoor ski resort.

Ah the possibilities. Sorry for the short post, but I need to head to the metro!


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