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Hey, Where’s My Gelato

August 13, 2011

Well I finally surrendered to my body’s inability to fall asleep.  Its 5:35 am right now, and not only does it feel like 6:35 pm, but my thoughts are not too far away from China. I can almost bet on the fact that building 69 is sitting in 202 cracking their first beer before a saturday night on the town and debating which chinese family style restaurant they will go to tonight. I am putting my money on the wooden restaurant on fanyu road.

It was a great first night back complete with a pizza dinner, wine, friends, and gelato.  Chicago was exactly as I had left it.  I was back in the middle of outside bars, baseball games, english signs, and family. But the real kicker was when I tried to walk into the bar we were eating at for dinner, and the bouncer promptly marked my hand with a black permanent x.

Oh right, there is a drinking age here.

It’s also weird to see, how do I put this, white people. But not just white people; it’s weird to see diversity. Not only that, but people don’t seem to care that I am blonde and blue eyed.  Too bad, I had really started getting used to feeling unnecessarily important.

And I know I joked about having bad manners after coming back from China.  But it is a real thing. My family can’t take me out anywhere right now.  Take, the gelato restaurant. Everyone lined up, calmly waiting for their turn to tell the nice man what kind of gelato they want.

Not the blonde twenty year old just off the plane. I didnt even realize that I had cut three people when I leaned over to the woman now standing behind me and said, “I hear the blood orange flavor is fantastic”. My parents tried to intervene but it was too late,  I had already asked the man behind the counter if he was ready to take my order.

Hopefully they just thought I had gotten off a plane from new york. fingers crossed.

Day 2 back in the states is off to a fresh and hopefully a more polite start. Currently chilling in the kitchen with my dad while he blogs and prepares for a radio interview.  New Father-Daughter hobby?

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  1. Anonymous permalink
    August 14, 2011 9:30 pm

    You are what we call here in the south a Damn Yankee.


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