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Confucius writes a Review

August 17, 2011

China still continues to have an impact on my summer.

Besides seriously jonesing for some street food, bubble tea, and traffic congestion, my blogging skills have been put to the test. I just returned  from an incredibly fun and interesting lunch with Andrea Williamson, the spunky, determined entrepreneur behind the company Noblivity.  Her company acts as the middle man between internationally based emerging fashion designers and domestic boutiques.  She happens to be a friend of my father’s, and emailed me about my interaction with Shanghai’s design community while I was in Shanghai.  We corresponded throughout the summer, and today we finally met up for lunch.

We talked forever about the chinese design industry as well as my experience in china.  We talked social networking, the potential of blogging for business, and traded creative ideas about noblivity’s blog.  Andrea told me about the inspiration and process behind noblivity, and I must say I was impressed.  Her company is well on its way to becoming a global platform for designers, boutiques, and eventually manufacturers.

That isn’t even the best part.

She asked if I would be interested in writing reviews for her blog! I am so excited to have the opportunity to contribute while also honing in on my writing skills (I will be turning a new leaf in correcting my lack of capitalization and frequency of run on sentences) and getting my name out into the world wide web.  I will add Noblivity’s blog onto my blog role, and I encourage you all to check it out.

I am still working on trying to find a wordpress plugin that records more detailed site stats, such as where people are reading from. However, for the time being, I cannot be creepy and only guess who my blog reaches. If anyone out there is interested in using Confused by Confucius as a platform for any kind of international or design related product or review. Let me know. Email me and we can talk about what Confused by Confucius can do for you! And not in a used care salesman type of way like the previous sentence implied.

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