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Mature Vacuum Purchases

August 20, 2011

The “first apartment” story is always a nostalgic one when you talk to adults. Some laugh about roommates, some talk about the crusty furniture they had, and some (like my parents) laugh about the epic fight they had over wall paper. Preparation for the first apartment is a bit like building a retirement nest egg. Parents will stowe away old appliances, dishware, and knick knacks over the course of a child’s 18 years at home until they meet their final resting place in a well loved college apartment.

My parents were no different. Our storage locker down in the basement of my apartment building has a few “first apartment” boxes collecting dust.  You can imagine my mother’s irritation when my first apartment was located in North Carolina. It just didn’t seem right to ship an old crock pot and strainer down to my apartment in Davidson.

I will spare you the description of the hours we spent pouring over craigslist and amazon for old vacumm cleaners and furniture that we could get for my first apartment in Davidson.  It was a fruit less search. Either way, I felt pretty damn mature as I wandered around Ollie’s bargain superstore with Connor Hubbard on a search for a cheap vacuum. It was Connor who spotted it: a sleek little red dirt devil with four gears for the winning price of 39.99.  Rejoicing over the deal, Connor and I began to load the dirt devil into our cart when the man next to us remarked, “Be careful, once you buy that she’ll make you use it everyday!”

Sorry?! I felt pretty damn mature, but not nearly mature enough for marriage jokes. Although it did bring me a little more confidence in my ability to look the right age on my fake ID.

Now I have set about arranging my room. People, especially girls, pay particular attention to room design.  I would like to say that I don’t particularly care how my room is arranged, but lets be honest, feng shui is a real thing. I sat for what seemed like forever moving furniture, being indecisive, and making Meredith Kerr crazy as I debated which wall to put my plethora of communist chinese posters. (I settled on one full wall. We call it: The Great Wall.)  In the end, I have a room I am happy with, although it does have an eclectic urban outfitters feel given the mismatched color scheme and furniture design. Call me a hippie but I am happy with it.

I am looking forward to all of the mature responsibilities an apartment comes with: ant problems, stains, lost keys, water heaters, and  roommate relations. Actually, I hope none of that is really an issue to be honest, but if I am mature enough to be mistaken for a wife, I am mature enough to handle all of that.


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