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Confucius Say…Time to Party

September 14, 2011

I suppose this post speaks more towards the “confused” aspect of my blog. And it has to do with cracking down on college partying on campus.

In my experience, Davidson has two speeds: either really intensely studying, or really intensely blowing off steam from studying. Analyzing whether that lifestyle is forming good habits for post grad life is a subject for another post.

Since my freshman year at Davidson I have seen a number of fun traditions abolished.

First Night Down

This year at Davidson, Freshman who are ordinarily barred from the court scene until a determined date were allowed down by the administration under the condition that the eating houses abide by pseudo sorority rush standards. This means we arent allowed to talk to freshman about eating houses, friend them on facebook or text them to hang out with other girls in your eating house. Eating houses, unlike sororities, do not undergo any  sort of rush selection process, and eating houses are determined by a lottery system. This year fraternities and sororities were also limited to the number of members they could live with one another on campus. I am confused as to how this will change the party culture on campus other than closing off lines of communication between patterson court council, the police department, and moving the party culture off campus.

Strict enforcement of “politically incorrect” party themes

Whether it is cowboys and indians or Keshas and Geishas. High school is supposed to prepare you for college, and college is supposed to prepare you for the real world. The only culture police in the real world is the OP-ed writers in the New York Times and the ladies on The View. No one is going to back you up if someone in your office says something innapropriate, or a bar has an innapropriate name for a cocktail. Can we just get over it and trust each other to dress appropriately? If we have a south of the border party, can’t you just put on a sombrero and call it a costume without someone crying to the administration about the possibility of people dressing up as immigrants? Yeah I’m white, but I am also sick of my opinion being disregarded because of the fact that my 1/16 Choctaw indian heritage doesn’t count as minority status. Otherwise, I’d say that I am indian, and proud to represent a party theme as fun as cowboys and indians.

the PhiDelt Outfield Chairs

For as long as I can remember, members of the phidelt fraternity would gather in the outfield at Davidson baseball games to support Davidson, catch some rays and have a few beers.  This was a self monitered activity. As far as I know, no disruption came to the game, and no one was rushed to the hospital for overconsumption or bleacher brawls (common occurrences in the wrigley field bleachers).  This year however, the phidelts will have to obtain wristbands and register with the police department before they engage in such revelry.

I know there are more besides these three. The point is, I think it is sad that our administration cannot trust some of the brightest students in the country to make responsible decisions in our social life without jumping through the PCC and the police department. Policy should be based on trust, not the assumption that we will abuse a privilege. Additionally, this is college. How are these rules and regulations in anyway preparing us to be more responsible post graduate?  There needs to be autonomy between the administration and the student social scene. Davidson kids are practically antisocial compared to students at places such as Ole Miss, LSU and Ohio State.  All we are asking for is a little bit of trust from PCC and the Administration. No amount of strict rules surrounding where, how much, and when we go out is going to change the decisions that kids make. In the same way that we make our own decisions surrounding our academics (everyone is going to make the time management mistake and pull an all nighter at least once in college), we need to be trusted with our social lives. I can guarantee you that any student who frequents the court is bound to have a bad night. but the way I see it, mistakes are how people learn and grow into more responsible individuals.

I don’t think Davidson is the only school that has recently set more limitations on college partying. I’m curious as to why this has become a phenomenon. Is this generation of twenty somethings more irresponsible about partying? Is that a product of the higher drinking age? Creating stricter rules does not seem to be working, it seems to me that it is only shutting down the lines of communication and pushing kids off campuses.  I think it would be more productive for american colleges to open a dialogue with students instead of setting more barriers.

Sorry this post was light on the humor. But I decided to get my head out of China and touch on the campus pulse.

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  1. Lisa permalink
    September 14, 2011 12:37 am

    All I can say is Parker vs. Latin. At Latin they assume students are naughty and they create all kinds of rules and regulations. The result? The students spent an inordinate amount of mental energy circumventing the rules. At Parker they assume students will be responsible and create rules when they prove them wrong. The result? the students self monitored in order to maintain their freedom and trust with the admin.
    I agree that Davidson needs to let you guys make some mistakes and grow up.

  2. September 14, 2011 12:41 am

    Indeed you are correct. It’s about the administration at Davidson reaching for higher rankings via US News and World Report, and the segregation of people.

    At big schools, they try to enforce those types of things but can’t. Of course, there is power in numbers. If everyone at Davidson decided to dress Mexican for one day of class, what would they do?

  3. Caro permalink
    September 14, 2011 12:54 am

    THEY GOT RID OF THE PHIDELT OUTFIELD?!?!?! That was the only reason I liked the baseball game.

  4. Caro permalink
    September 14, 2011 12:55 am

    this is so latin. gross.

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