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True Life: I Am Not Abroad

September 25, 2011

Am I bitter? Absolutely not. Not going abroad has done great things for my emotional and physical wellbeing. I have learned a variety of new skills and developed a ton of new hobbies.

1. Computer skills

not only have I refined the art of skype, but also abroad stalking.  The new facebook has streamlined my ability to stalk my friends who are abroad and confirm through photo evidence that I am having just as good of time as they are.

2. Relating to Old People

The cooking channel and daytime television has a target audience.  The unemployed and retired need to make way for a new daytime viewer: the non abroad student.  Now, I can trade recipes from 30 minute meals with my grandma AND talk about the all my children daytime special about how all my children is leaving day time television. I am really caught up on my current events. And watching hours of daytime television while doing your history homework because no one you know is in the library anyway just really makes me feel…mature.

3. Catching up on the shows I missed this summer.

To add onto the relating to other people.  When I finally decide to socialize with members of my age group, I can pretty much talk about any series television show AND how The Bears lost. It just makes me a really dynamic conversationalist when I have the ability to talk about the inner plotlines of vampire diaries, modern family, and Entourage, you know?

4. The Gym

under the physical well being category…I am back on the gym grind after an anti gym summer in Shanghai.I am learning to self motivate….something I didn’t have to do living on first akers. Also, really, what else am I going to do…watch yet another episode of cake boss (maybe).  I can also pretend to be social as I say hello to Ace and Polo

5. Writing

surprisingly, I have done a fair amount of writing in the last month.  my overall experience has really helped me focus on my self depricating sense of humor in my writing in my attempt to curry favor with Tina Fey.  Again….what else am I going to do this semester, really.

6. Pretending to be 21

Maybe I am just super mature now, but Court Party dancing has decreased in its level of fun since all the juniors went abroad, therefore, trying to convince risk managers to let me down into the bar area is a newfound skill.  And I am going to be honest, 60% of the time, it works every time, which is a pretty high success rate….maybe I should rethink law school.

7. Homework

In the past, I used to finish homework quickly to make way for hanging out with all my biddies…now i stretch it out as long as possible so that I can use homework as an excuse for not hanging out. It also adds to this new air of maturity I have going “I can’t go out…I am really focusing on my future now that I am a junior not abroad”

well I was really trying to make it to ten…but Chopped is on and I have a test to study for. (I have my priorities straight).

Also, I really don’t feel like I have to write out a disclaimer for the overall sarcasm for this blog post, but I am going to go ahead and do it anyway. Maybe I embellished my experience just a little bit…..Obviously I am going out all the time and have replaced my old biddies who are all worldly now with better cool ones in my now ever changing friend group.

ok. you got me,  I am just really trying to appeal to the creator’s of MTV true life. Because the non abroad experience is clearly one worth documenting.


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