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World Wide Rave

October 3, 2011

“Untag that, I have a career to think about”

Whatever helps you sleep at night. It seems that untagging Facebook photos from that one toga party, sisterhood, or that freshman first semester is a college kids primary line of defense in maintaining a scot free reputation in the eyes of future employers and grad school admissions.  But is keeping awkward and potentially inappropriate photos really putting our best foot forward towards a successful career path?

I thought so. Until I decided to get serious about international summer abroad 2.0. So where does one go to find a paid internship in London? I don’t know anyone, the career center is really not my scene (not trying to divert time away from anxious seniors) and let’s be honest I’m twenty years old, I barely know the first thing about networking or social clout.

Then Twitter happened. It took one Twitter blast on my Dad’s feed and I had contacts. Which brings me to my question: are college kids using social media effectively?

Well no. We aren’t.  Our Twitter feeds consist of muploads, pithy comments about our weekends, and a well documented hour by hour account of our library marathon.  I am surprised that the generation known for being the most plugged in, has not begun to use social media for networking as opposed to merely staying in touch.

Which brings me to An ingenius little website that measures your online influence.  in true graphical form (get excited Lucy McMurry) displays an individual’s potential to influence others in the blogosphere and other social media platforms. It gives you your current score as well as your projected potential to influence others. It really just goes to show, that linkedin and edited Facebook photos is too mainstream.  Its time for us to start reaching out in new and creative ways, and gain some clout to become our own world wide rave.  Marketing yourself has never been easier, but almost never applied to its full potential.  Its time to start looking at social media a little bit differently, I know I will. My clout score? 30/100.   My dad’s is 67….so much for being a plugged in member of my generation.

In other news….special delivery from a man with a three inch beard and a full tattoo sleeve…..


Unfortunately, I think he looked more the part of an electric blue moped owner than I did. I guess I should have put my leather on, because this is what I looked like


Covert Hells Angel? Duh.

in fact, when he delivered the scooter, he made some great small talk.

DeliveryMan: can I see the scooter? I am a little curious, you know I deliver a good deal of these bad boys to raging old drunks with DUIs…not uhhh…girls like….uhh college kids.

Me: I need it for babysitting jobs!

DeliveryMan: Not a surprise.

Anyway, Apparently there is a serious small motor monopoly here in Davidson because the mechanic is charging me 150 dollars to get everything in order. However, I plan on doing some good old fashioned chinese haggling to get it down to maybe 100 when all is said and done.  I take no prisoners when it comes to bartering.

I am excited to get it running, and finally FINALLY having a mode of transportation other than my feet!.

Ciao Vroom Vroom!

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  1. Lisa permalink
    October 4, 2011 12:31 am

    Pay no more than 50 bucks! Aren’t there any gear head davidson boys who will work for beer?

  2. Anonymous permalink
    October 7, 2011 3:01 pm

    So its time to hang up the hot pink barefoot running shoes for a set of leathers and a tat. What will your grandmothers say?


  1. nomen, nominis, n. | roaming okie

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