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Up In The Air

October 8, 2011

For years I have felt bad for the last names that blink across the gate screen at standby.  What was their deal? Why didn’t they have their acts together enough to just buy a ticket? That is until Priceline happened.  Priceline is the classic high risk high reward online ticketing platform.  You fix a price of a flight itinerary to your credit card and commit yourself to any itinerary Priceline gives you.  For a college kid, it seems too good to be true. For a college kid with international ambitions, it’s my new homepage.

Times when Priceline just really doesn’t work? Weekend trips to Chicago.  This is because you might end up like me, with a 6 pm flight on saturday and a 10:30 pm flight on tuesday. Not only is no one on campus to take me to the airport, but I will be returning to Charlotte at around midnight on the day before classes start.

What does my family do when faced with bizarre travel problems? We take it to the blogosphere in search of a loophole.

As it turns out those little standby geniuses were probably laughing at me. Because even with a Priceline ticket, you can go to the airport as early as you want, and try to hop on an earlier flight.  Not only are Priceliners getting insanely low flight deals, but the standby soujourners are getting the best itineraries.

This is one loophole George Clooney did not let on to in Up in The Air, and to say that movie did not have an impact on how you judge  people in security is only kidding yourself.  I now know as well as the next person to never get behind old people or babies in security and that Asians can somehow make all their travel crap fit flawlessly into a studded micro purse.  Getting behind middle eastern guys is high risk; chances are, they are going to be pulled out of the security line and unecessarily searched, therefore shortening my overall wait time….but then again they might not. Better to stick with the asians.

And sorry Davidson…I know judging people in the security line based on popular sterotypes isn’t exactly in line with all your new multicultural policies and new hires that you are allotting my tuition dollars towards, but hey, someone has to follow the rules and arrive at the airport an appropriate two hours before, good for you!

Headed to Sweet Home Chicago. Standby (pun intended) for a follow up post on the locals guide to Chicago.  teaser: google Wiener’s Circle Chocolate Shake.

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