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When Worlds Collide

October 26, 2011

Christmas. 3/4 of my family love this holiday.

Parents Weekend.

The weekend that always leaves a college student torn.  Torn between homework, hanging out with friends, and in my case, the inevitable sushi dinner- despite my mother’s allergy to fish. As a college freshman, a lot of questions are raised as the weekend approaches: Will my mom notice the freshman 15? How long will it take to clean my room? What will they think of my friends? Do they know I drink? Are the going to want to play beer pong?

The weekend comes and goes.  Any concern about the freshman fifteen is settled when your mother takes on the role of the jewish grandmother and buys you enough food to survive an ice age. Your dad’s jokes are a big hit with your new freshman friends, they don’t pry into your weekend activities, and they don’t even ask to play beer pong.

Fast forward to my junior year first semester not abroad. My parents are no longer concerned I can’t feed myself because I have my own kitchen, the amount of time I can spend with them is pretty much unlimited because most of the people they met freshman year are abroad, and they gave me the family limoncello recipe, thereby neutralizing old freshman concerns about alcohol. This year is also different because caroline- the new freshman on campus is making the trek from Ole miss to be with the Carter fam. the collision of the SEC Davidson and the Carter parents, and my junior year have unleashed a new set of concerns.

New Parents Weekend Concerns

1. the Caroline Carter effect.  What happens when parents come to visit? Caroline, fresh from Old Miss’s campus also heads to the charlotte area.  When Caroline was in high school…Davidson was the best party she had ever seen, How do we show her a good time on Davidson campus now that she is older and wiser….and also to what extent am I obligated to keep track of that nut?

2. Limoncello. I have spit mad game about the limoncello I made with connor to my dad….can it live up to the high bar I set?

3. No longer am I concerned about having a good time without my parents when they are visiting….the new problem is can I show my parents a good time because they are visiting?

Between our universal attachment to long roadtrips that involve pringles and donuts, apple products, asians, and our long arduous vino education, we are pretty much your typical close knit family.  At first I thought it was weird that we had a family  message thread and we link to each others blogs….but now I realize it just makes parents weekend that much more fun.  Now that Caroline and I are both in college, at least caroline is under the fasle (is that spelled correct caro?) impression that somehow our parents view her as a mature responsible adult. This will inevitably lead to some excellent awkward moments, which will go down in the books of family lore and inside jokes.

Consider this my plug for a family reality show.

2 Comments leave one →
  1. Caro permalink
    October 26, 2011 7:33 pm

    Your best one yet.

  2. Lisa permalink
    October 26, 2011 7:59 pm

    Wait…no beer pong at F? We’ve been practicing, local brews only (of course).

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