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January 2, 2012

So I haven’t been a blogging star as of late. No, instead of appeasing my loyal following of 130 some subscribers (woohoo! keep em’ coming) I have been developing my tech skills.  Once upon last May, I was a budding blog star. I learned the ins and outs of creating a wordpress blog, learned how to market myself, and learned how to write so that people would listen.

1. I learned that readers really respond to my lists

2. Really, no matter how many times I formatted my blog posts like that, you guys were just as entertained. I guess it just doesn’t take very much to amuse you all.

I learned that blogging language doesn’t correspond with high paper grades, but it does help me sort my thoughts and reflections.  I also learned that there is a lot more to the tech world than a simple blog. A lot more.

2011 was the year for tech.  Between the not so competitive competition between google+ and Facebook, and new innovations of how we use the internet, the tech industry has reinvented itself several times over throughout the last year.

I have always been taught to examine the world around me with a critical eye.  What can be made easier?

I also learned that while an idea can be really great,  hte value lies in an individual’s passion to pursue and develop their idea into a reality.

2011 began with a blog, and ended with an idea.

2012 is beginning with the development of an idea.  I know you all are probably curious, what shenanigan is she up to this time?  Like I said in my last post, I am working on a tech startup.  At first, I was boot strapping (entreprenurial term for going solo).  But then I realized that I did not have the tech know how to go solo. Not only that, but I could develop a better product if the “I” in this process became more of a “we”.  And who better than (no stranger to this blog) Puff Daddy and my friend who is always right hand in my scheming, Alexa Stanley (blog nickname pending).  Originally, I created nicknames for my friends in Shanghai to protect them being made farse on the web for all the ridiculous things we were doing.  While many may consider an endeavor into the world of tech start ups relatively ridiculous even borderline delusional, it is slightly more legitimate than anything I was up to with my roommates in Shanghai. Which is why I am blowing Puff’s cover. Because not even I can take my cofounder seriously if he, Russ, is going to be referred to has puff daddy whenever I talk about my startup on the blog.

Hopefully, in the coming weeks, not only will I have a beta up and running on the davidson campus for everyone to experiment with and give us feedback, but maybe I will be able to smash in som e extra time to write about my experience and through my own anecdotes in to the massive amount of content already in cyber space about creating a tech start up.  As a history major boasting a mighty D+ in Econ 101, this is what I have learned so far.

1. Creating a tech startup is like illigetimately earning a Business Degree, Law Degree, and whatever recognition that comes with being a computer nerd (besides getting swirlies in the middle school bathroom) all in one position that is largely unrecognized.

2. While saying that you are developing a tech start up is kind of like a liberal saying they are going to africa to be in the peace corps (and by that I mean #trendy), I am going to be honest, I don’t feel really cutting edge here. (despite my recent feature as a fashionista )  I spend most of my day in sweat pants, my office is my kitchen table, and even though I log hours into development…it is only the tip of the iceberg.

3. Startups have the power to consume you. It’s like Pandora’s box, except it is your laptop. Once you think you solve one problem, you move onto the next, and before you know it…..its 3pm and the sun is setting in Chicago.

4. Don’t endeavor to create a startup unless you feel so passionately about it that you don’t sleep at night. Or conversely, have weird dreams.  Take two nights ago.  I spent all night thinking about the best way to use open source content for my site, and then when I finally fell asleep, I had a dream Ayn Rand was texting my asking for my copy of Atlas Shrugged back.

So there is a reason I haven’t been blogging folks. Things are getting real weird over here. Time to vid chat with my cofounders.

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  1. Bruce Heidorn permalink
    January 4, 2012 7:45 pm

    Congrats on the startup, beginnings of grey hair..(your hair color will hide it) watch that nervous twitch develop and the satisfaction, no honor of following that faint path leading to vast wonders. Every step, you’ll walk away with something of future use. Enjoy the process, it ain’t for the faint of heart.

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