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Tuesday Links to Tickle Your Brain

January 24, 2012

My class was cancelled today.

And ConfusedbyConfucius needed some love.  As our techstartup  continues to code itself into reality, (we are shooting to become a legal entity this week!),  I have found myself with less and less time in the day to sit and digest it all.

Which means my writing has suffered.  Not that I haven’t been writing, all the webcontent and auto reply email is the work of Alexa Stanley and I.  So my mom came up with a great idea for the interim period of little blogging time: be an aggregator for the articles I am reading.

1. This sounds like a pretty sweet job description to me!

2. the new crazy shoes I just bought!

3. no that I am 21….I am legally allowed to think about this stuff

4. A useful website for Davidson Students

5. this is a great site for good music (especially of the workout or party variety)

current reading list:

The Lean Startup

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