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Campus Sherpas

January 30, 2012

On behalf of our founders, Alexa Stanley and Russell Mawn, and our illustrious employee number 1, Brendon Scheinman, we are proud to give you the launch page of our new tech start up Campus Sherpas. 1 month into the making, the launch page is the first sign that something big is coming. you guessed it, our beta launch.  What is Campus Sherpas you ask? Well if you are a Davidson College student it means that you are in the position to participate in our beta version of the site.  Our startup recognized the problem with a shortage of jobs and time to do them around campus, as well as the need for busy people to shoulder off some of their pesky errands to other people around campus. So we bring you the Campus Sherpas, a service that connects these two groups of people in need of each other on a fresh new platform complete with user profiles and a high degree of social media integration (eventually).  We are so excited to launch, not just because I can pay people to do hilarious things like short sheet my co founders bed, but I can also use the platform to market my mad skills to the local college community.  Sign up and show your support here:

But whats a launch? What is beta? Stop using words that make you sound like an arrogant entrepreneur, you aren’t Mark Zuckerberg you idiot. (although you could be if you signed up for RLO next semester.)

I’ll admit, there is a pretty steep learning curve that comes with starting a startup.

Beta: its what start up founders call the first version of their company.  It is like saying its officially functional, but not ready for mass consumption.  Chances are their are going to be hiccups, and we are going to use your valuable feedback to make it better. Why be an early adopter? The sweet rewards you can accumulate, bragging rights for when we inevitably hit it big, and chances are, all the services are totally at no cost to you during beta.

Launch: the day we first go live to the campus. The first day of the rest of your errandless/wealthy lives.

Startup Accelerator: chances are, you will hear Alexa and I talking about applying to a tech accelerator.  It is a program that exposes founders to  develop their concept, meet and network with leaders and successful entrepreneurs, and at the end, present their business in a VC round. Its kind of like getting a startup into the ivy league.  It means that we have a good shot at not utterly failing. Campus Sherpas is applying to five. We want in.

VC: venture capital.  It comes in the form of a branch off a major business, a fund, or even a group.  The invest seed funding to fledgling businesses betting that they will develop into big and successful businesses so they can make a ton of $$$.  my dad is a founding member of this one in Chicago.

Anyway, I have a lot to do today. But if you are on Campus reading this because you brought your computer to class and decided my post trumped taking notes…..then sign up for campus sherpas and invite your friends.

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  1. Lisa permalink
    January 30, 2012 4:06 pm

    Love the landing page and the beginning of something big! Congrats on your big day and keeping your eyes on the prize. BTW, Glenn Reynolds at Instapundit linked….wow.

  2. January 30, 2012 4:34 pm

    This looks like a great idea! Best of luck!

    • Anonymous permalink
      January 30, 2012 6:12 pm

      thank you! cool blog by the way

  3. January 30, 2012 7:08 pm

    Just a point of information for your friends. The first money in a company is called a “family and friends” round. You are there now. Second money in is more professional, it’s called an “angel round”. Angel rounds are typically 250k-2M in size, and the company will have a pre-money valuation of around the same. For edification, it’s like or It’s a big range and there is a lot of variability. The VC round comes when the pre-money valuation of the company is at least $7M dollars, but more likely $10M and up. That’s where a company like or is. Succeeding rounds are usually handled by VCs or banks until the company exits. IPO’s never happen. Less than .01% of all start ups IPO or some long statistic like that. Usually another company buys you.

  4. Kevin permalink
    January 31, 2012 2:08 am

    if you decide to branch out, ohio state could use this ‘service hub’ as well.

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