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Another weekend. Same party

March 18, 2012

You never think that you will ever be ready to leave college until…its another sunday, another end to an identical weekend, and another identical sunday workload. 

The typical junior year milestones are going abroad and turning 21, and then it suddenly clicks- adulthood. New frustrations arise:

why does Davidson College feel the need to micromanage where I socialize ont he weekends, and why the heck isn’t there a bar on main st?

Why can’t I find a job?

Why is the hook up scene so unsatisfying?

I don’t have enough money to feed myself. And I don’t have time for a job.

My pinterest boards have a much more expensive taste than I do. .

Most of us hope this “I am so over college attitude” is just a phase, we spend time reminiscing about freshman year, but at the end of the day, we are not the 17 and 18 year olds experiencing a court party for the first time.

We don’t need an attitude adjustment, we need coping mechanisms.

Coping Mechanism #1: Make 2 very important bucket lists

Bucket list number 1: the list of things you absolutely have to do before you leave college.

Everyone talks about their crazy college stories. That time they drove a car onto the quad, or that other time when they drank with a professor.  Come up with your own list. No judgement. And commit to crossing off every experience before you graduate

Bucket List #2: The bucket list of your twenties. A wise mexican in Shanghai once told me: your twenties are the ten years of your life that are absolutely for you.  Whether it is going to Burning Man, or going soul searching in India, or starting your business, commit to your twenties bucket list and see what you can start crossing off now.

Coping Mechanism #2: Go to networking events

Go to networking events because a) you never know who you are going to meet and 2) free drinks (sometimes if you are a boy and definitely if you are a girl) and 3) Above all else, its a chance to hang out with older people, which is a good way to feel better about yourself when you realize that you regularly party with 17 and 18 year olds.

Coping Mechanism #3 Xanex

I haven’t tried it. but I hear it does wonders for whatever you got.

Coping Mechanism #4 Positive Affirmations

As long as you are busy not giving a wit about the college scene…take some time to get really comfortable with who you are.  You are stuck with your own self identity longer than you will be stuck being a junior. Stop worrying about who you are hooking up with, what formal you were or were not invited to, or whether you got the internship.  This will be the only time I ever endorse this: stop competing, take yourself out of the rat race, take a chill pill (xanex?) and let your freak flag fly. Take a class in the science of knowing yourself and your post grad years will thank you.

Coping Mechanism #5 Break Rules

I’m not saying break the honor code or go rob a bank. I am saying that sometimes a walk on the wild side is where memories are made. Breaking rules is a breakaway from the mundane, and might be the solution to the drab monotony of being a junior. So go ahead climb the new building construction, wear white before easter, do yoga on chambers lawn, or just resolve to be really weird on the table at the next court party you go to….in the words of Gib from the epic 80s classic, A Sure Thing, don’t be so repressed.

Now that I have offered a significant excuse for my future law breaking, legitimated the use of xanex and my attendance at networking events…I am going to go ahead and sign off, and remind my parents of my sarcasm so they don’t ship me off to rehab before I have time to actually accomplish all this.

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